Contract Vehicles: Seaport


Contact Information

Sanjay Shah
Program Manager
Phone: (202) 999 4545 x 302
Alpa Shah
Contract Manager
Phone: (202) 999 4545 x 301


Contract Number: N00178-11-D-6408

Team Members / Subcontractors

Namtra Business Solutions Inc.

Task Orders

Quality Assurance Program

Our PMO will house a full-time QC Manager at no cost to the government. The QC Manager, along with other technical specialists (included on a TO requirement basis), will constitute a Quality Control Team (QCT). The QCT will continually monitor the performance against the Acceptance Criteria, conduct internal audits continually, identify the root causes of variances from the Acceptance Criteria, and work with the concerned TO team members to eradicate them. As most of the TOs on the Seaport-e contracts will be performance-based, we will use our proven EVM system to monitor and maximize quality.